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Spa Massage

Special sensory considerations


We are a scent reduced space, and use only certain scents in the clinic.

No chemical scents are used in the space at all. We do not have any essential oil diffusers, and scents will only be possibly lingering in the space from previous sessions. 

The essential oils used in the space include ONLY: 






Therapists will ALWAYS ask before using any scents directly in your session. 

**If you have scent needs beyond these considerations, please let us know and we may be able to accommodate you. 


Music is usually played during massage, often wordless soft music.

During your sessions, you can ask to modify music or sound in the room - request different music, or have no music at all. 

Often we will have fans for white noise in the rooms to help with blocking sounds that may be outside the treatment room, however, if the fan is bugging you, it is totally ok to ask to have it turned down or off. 

If you have Loop earbuds or noise headphones that help you relax, absolutely bring them along. *Your therapist will still need to check in from time to time to make sure everything is feeling good.


We have heating and air conditioning in the clinic to regulate temperature, as well as heated table warmers on all of our massage tables. 

Sometimes, heating pads, or ice packs may be used in sessions to treat areas of pain or injury. Your therapist will always have a conversation with you and get your verbal consent prior to using either of hot or cold in your session. 

If you have other sensory needs or requests, please do give us a call at our office 780-221-1437 and we will do everything in our power to accommodate.

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