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Arriving for your session

Upon arrival, your therapist will greet you and check in with you. They will ask if you need to use the washroom, or need help filling out any forms for us. 

If you have not yet had a chance to fill out your intake from prior to your appointment - no sweat! - Your therapist will assist you in filling it out on our ipad at the clinic. 

Our waiting area has seating, with hot and cold water available, as well as an assortment of complimentary teas for you should you like a beverage during your visit. 


Our cozy reception and waiting area has enough space for wheelchairs, walkers, or people with walking aids. 

Bathrooms are located on the same floor just around the corner from us, remember to ask for the key as the washrooms are locked. 

Note: bathrooms on the 3rd floor are gendered. The all gender and accessible single room bathroom is on the main floor next to the pharmacy. The same key works for all the bathrooms in the building. 

**If you have mobility needs and would like to use the washroom before heading up to our clinic on the 3rd floor, just let us know and we'll bring you the key. Call our office 780-221-1437 for assistance. 

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