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When you arrive there are 4 main options for parking:

1. Cheapest  - Free Street Parking along 84th or 85th ave (1-3 blocks to walk to the clinic)

2. Closest     - Impark directly across 83 ave - about $9-18 (most expensive)

                     - Epark street parking along 105 street or 83 street (prices vary based on time of day) -

                       Cheaper if you use the app! 

3. Happy medium - VibePark across 83 ave from the building next to the impark - Look for the big GREEN sign,

                               and use the terminal to pay or use the QR code to pay online, easy and cheaper than Impark. 

4. Accessible parking (for those with differently abled body placards for their cars) -

Free 2Hr parking in the Epark street parking directly out front of our building on 105 street. 

Option 3: Where to find the Happy Medium :

Screen Shot 2023-07-19 at
Screen Shot 2023-07-19 at 1.46.03 PM.png
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