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We want to be a part of creating a network of safer spaces for our queer communities. Below you will find spaces we have discovered that are either queer owned, or queer knowledgable and actively welcoming. 

We hope you find some resources that help you here! 

Resource List

Fitness Classes

OM Yoga - Queer owned and welcoming space on 124th street in Edmonton


Action Potential Fitness - Queer and trans owned, queer focused fitness, body positive, trauma informed, and neurodivergent informed fitness space. West Edmonton.


Above Average Yoga and Wellness - Body positive yoga studio. They actively attend queer events, and are approachable and welcoming. "All bodies are good bodies" motto. 


Gokhale Method - Online Posture Training classes. Natural movement, layered steps, compassionate approach to the body. Some free, and some paid resources. 


Counselling Resources


Equinox Therapeutics and Counselling - Queer owned and run by Amanda Slugoski. Team is well informed, and many specialize in queer affirming counselling.

Square Peg Psychology - Queer owned and run by Susan Larcombe. Team is well informed, and members specialize in sex abuse recovery, gender exploration, and queer teen support counselling. 



The Quiltbag - Queer owned, for queers. Online or in person queer merch shopping, flags, pronoun pins, binders and compression underwear. Custom made things available. 




Northern Chicken - Queer owned restaurant serving amazing southern fried chicken- two locations. 

Fun things to do

Edmonton Queer History Project Walking Tours - Free Queer History walking tours through downtown and Whyte ave area. 

Or download the Edmonton Queer History App - and take the tour virtually and learn how queer folks have been a part of Edmontons history from the very beginning. 

Pride Corner - peaceful dance protest on the Corner of Whyte ave and Calgary Trail every Friday evening 5-9pm during the summer months. Wear your pride gear and come dance to upbeat tunes to drown out the preachers and their hate speech who preach every Friday. PS - please note the peaceful protest guidelines on the Pride Corner site for safety before attending. 

If you have an amazing resource, safer space, or cool thing you found that you think we should add to our resource list, please do contact us through our contact page and let us know! 

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