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Our Values


We are a queer-owned business and are striving to create a safer space for all bodies.

The space is wheelchair accessible and we have hydraulic lowering tables for those with mobility issues.


We are committed to continued learning. We offer mentorship to our therapists and education for our clients. We will continue to expand our learning on  how we can show up better for people with diverse needs.


We want to serve you in the way that works best for you and know that no one knows your body and needs like you do.


We believe in creating care plans specific to individuals and appreciate the unique needs and diversity of our clients.  


We are happy to offer exercises and stretches for you to take home in addition to your massage if you want them.


Grace of Being Massage Therapy is a space where you can show up as you are. It is a space to make friends with what is showing up for you. Grace of Being means allowing ourselves to be graceful in any state and accept and love ourselves as we are in any given moment. 

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